Chapter 2

The great beer disaster of 666 BC.

On a chilly Friday morning around the 13th of February in the year 666 BC the Land of Achouffe was shocked: the gigantic underground brewery was destroyed by an immense explosion followed by an earthquake. The gnome population began to search for the cause of this huge disaster. The gnome officials arrived at the scene to pursue enquiries.

The plateau of Baraque Fraiture had sunk by a good 66 metres. Since then the highest point in Belgium is some 10 km further up: Signal de Botrange (694m). Baraque Fraiture, at 651 m is now the 2d highest point in the Ardennes.

As a culinary tribute, the first chip stand in Belgium was set up there and Belgium was given the name "Land van de Friet" (Land of Chips).

Mankind will never again see such a huge brewery.

Through this mysterious explosion the underground brewery and all the CHOUFFE-folks with their secret were swallowed up in the earth. Thank God one gnome escaped the disaster and flew away into the universe on his flying buck. Our flying Brewer Gnome carried the secret of the gnome beer with him. Nobody saw him again so the course of history was changed violently.

In the 1980's AC this disruption to history was changed once more and the flying Brewer Gnome was observed again here and there.