Chapter 3

The wonderful apparition of 1982.

Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts In the 1980s AD there were only 39 inhabitants in the forgotten village of Achouffe. Nobody remembered anything about the great prehistoric beer events which happened there. Two enlightened beer-lovers, Chris and Pierre, got it into their heads to launch an experiment in this unattractive little place. They began hacking and cleaving, bricklaying and welding, doing plumbing and electrical work. In short, their activities would not have led one to believe that they were trying to build a brewery. Satisfied with their hard labour, they boiled up some water in order to thoroughly clean all the pipework and themselves as well. Chris and Pierre were ready. The next day, they brewed their first beer. They dreamed about the best beer in the world and, to cool their spirits, they decided to spend that night together in the brewery.

De wonderbaarlijke verschijning On the night of the 26th/27th August, 1982 something happened which threw the emotions of the whole of Achouffe and surrounding parts into turmoil. The two brothers-in-law, Chris and Pierre, saw an apparition. The heavens tore open and a white buck, ridden by a gnome and surrounded by beer-angels, soared over the Vallée des Fées and headed straight towards them.

Pierre fell to his knees, Chris strode towards him and asked: Who are you?

The gnome answered kindly: I am the immaculate Flying Beer Gnome from long ago and have come to help you to brew the second best beer in the world.

Why not the best beer? Chris asked.

That still has to be invented and with my magical powers I must make sure that never happens..

Chris & Pierre ontmoeten de Vliegende Brouwkabouter Chris, Pierre and the Flying Beer Gnome spent the whole of that night in a secret meeting, discussing how the ancient beer recipe could be adapted for 20th century brewing. The Brewing Gnome stressed the fact that they must use water from the Cédrogne spring and, for the secret of bottle conditioning, they should call Dom Pérignon from the Champagne region of France.

By evening everything was thrashed out and the Flying Beer Gnome took his leave and flew off with his Chouffe-secret to faraway places. If you need me, you only have to yell shouted the Flying Beer Gnome to them.

Vallée des Fées An independent board of enquiry for disasters, under the leadership of Prof .P. Catastrophe, in collaboration with the disaster relief fund 666, was able to confirm that this apparition was indeed the Flying Beer Gnome who escaped the great brewing disaster of 666 BC.

The vallée des Fées remained very quiet.