Chapter 4

Chris & Pierre brewed forth…

brewing room 1982 The inexperienced brotherly brewers asked no questions and followed the Flying Brewer Gnome’s recipe carefully. The early risks were not great since the first brew was only 49 Ltr.

Once the wort was cooled down, the home-made Sachromises Cervicae Chouffelensis was carefully added. The liquid began to ferment and to bubble. This was followed by the lagering and, a few days later, the filling into 75 cl. champagne bottles which were sealed with real corks. Then they gave a call to Dom Pérignon in Reims, France and did exactly as this Benedictine monk instructed them to do.

First Bottle with a label The first bottle was opened and tasted 66 days after it was brewed. Pierre and Chris, the inexperienced brotherly brewers tried to open the very first bottle carefully.

Carefully…Bang, Pop! The cork flew with full force from the bottle and the beer shot out like the Trevi fountain in Rome. But, a few sips remained in the bottle which found their way eagerly via the glass onto the curious taste buds of the young brewers.

The Flying Brewer Gnome heard the bang. They want me to pop by he thought and, turning his buck around, flew with all haste back to Achouffe. In less than 2 Chouffes time, the Flying Brewer Gnome stood face to face with the brotherly brewers and asked: And what have you two brewed here?

Chris and Pierre looked invitingly at the two poured out glasses and asked the gnome to taste one. He lifted the glass with both hands, drank a swig, smiled happily, nodded and winked at the new Chouffe brewers and disappeared on his flying buck.

In recognition, the two brewers decided to immortalise the brewing gnome by using his image on all their Chouffeabilia. Since then the image of the Chouffe gnome adorns all the labels, bottles, glasses and promotional materials.

logo Brew Gnome Dear beer-tourist, should you ever visit the plateau of  Baraque  Fraiture, to hike or to ski, think of the fact that it was once the highest point in Belgium. Drink a CHOUFFE and look up in the air. Perhaps the Flying Brewer Gnome will zoom past. After all, gnomes are immortal.