Chapter 5

The Chouf Mountains in Lebanon.

Balthasar, Melchior & Caspar op wegWe tried to put together a log-book of the Flying Brewer Gnome’s world tour but he didn’t keep a diary with him like Columbus did. Therefore we had to consult with people who met him personally.

Vliegende Brouwkabouter in Libanon Once upon a time there were three wise men in Lebanon who followed a star in the Middle East when, suddenly, a Persian carpet flew past them. The carpet flew in a great arc through the air and made a successful landing near them. The men were startled and alighted from their camels. Then they noticed a gnome and a resting buck sitting on the carpet.

Chouf mountainsThe Flying Brewer Gnome made their acquaintance and told them his story. His flying buck caught a cold whilst flying over the Lebanese mountains and his motor broke down, so he had to take a rest. Therefore he decided to visit his uncle Walid, a distant member of the Chouffe family, who lived in the Lebanese desert where he mastered the art of building flying carpets. As an avid and famous flying-carpet maker, he helped out our Chouffe gnome temporarily so that his buck had enough time to enjoy his Lebanese rest. Uncle Walid was known not to mince his words and was therefore known as Walid Choufblad. Since many years uncle Walid had been organising model flying-carpet competitions in the high mountains which led to this mountain range being named: Chouf Mountains.

LibanonAccording to his story our Brewing Gnome enjoyed a desert barbecue with the three wise men…with Chouffe beer. They compensated him with frankincense, myrrh and gold and went on their way. They had an appointment to keep in a café in Bethlehem.

Ring met barnsteen The following day the buck was cured and the Brewing Gnome returned the flying carpet to his uncle Walid. As a souvenir of his visit, our Flying Brewer Gnome received a beautiful ring garnished with a flammable semi-precious stone known as amber. Uncle Walid explained that when it got dark he had to rub the stone with his gnome hat. This made it scatter sparks and he was able to see where he was going. This amber coloured stone is called “Elektron” in Greek, the same word from which the word “electricity” comes.

Proud as Punch our Brewing Gnome flew with his amber ring over Greece towards the far North.