Chapter 6

The pine trees of Doggerland have no more pine

Fossil in amber Our Flying Brewer Gnome was so proud of his ring with its amber stone. There was a fossilized insect in the stone who told him that he was more than a hundred thousand years old and that he had drowned in his favourite dish, the tasty resin from the pine trees in the North. These trees let their resin flow down their trunks and this protected the bark during the bleak winter weather.

Doggerland The pine trees overran the whole of Denmark, The Netherlands and all the way to England. Indeed, in those days the North Sea was a land mass and was called Doggerland.

Besides the overgrowth of pine trees, there were various settlements where people lived. There was also a race of gnome-like beings called Trolls. Ten thousand years before the word “Tsunami” was invented there was an enormous seaquake which was six hundred six and sixty times worse than the earthquake at Baraque Fraiture. The raging water engulfed the whole of Doggerland. Villages and great pine woods with flowing resin and insects were swallowed up by the sea and nowadays Norwegian and Dutch fishermen with their modern trawling nets are dredging up fossilized amber and ancient tools from the bountiful North Sea above the vanished Doggerland.

Resin of pine trees in the North The survivors fled to the Land of the Fjords or to The Netherlands, Denmark and England.

After that unexpected historical story our Flying Brewer Gnome stayed for another thousand years in these wooded countries until the pine woods of Doggerland had no more pine. Enough time to find amber…